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We are proud to be one of the most active tech growth strategy consultants in South-East Asia, having completed over 20 projects in 3 years. We help both top tiers entrepreneurs and investors make better deals with a focus on mid-to-late stage (Series B to IPO) exclusively in the Technology sector. 


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have huge respect and empathy for founders & clients and see this opportunity as an ongoing partnership rather than a one-off transaction.

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Tech DNA & Experience 

All our team members has acquired a strong Tech expertise by having work for over a decade in both Tech Start-up & MNCs in SEA, including senior management roles (Cxx, VP, Director) at :

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Asia Tech Alliance

Asia Tech Alliance is an alliance of leading tech industry players (advisers, consultants, investors, entrepreneurs) dedicated to promoting the Asian tech industry. We are entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs. Asia Tech Alliance’s founding members are SEAbridge Partners and Nikaia Ventures.